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Decided to add a new piece of training and conditioning equipment to our program.  I’ve heard the Bulgarian training bag is a great conditioning tool however I haven’t personally used one.  The homemade Bulgarian bag I made is in the 35 to 40 lbs range. After a few weeks of playing around with it, to get the mechanics down, I will make a few more ranging in weight  from 5 lbs (kids) up to 50+ lbs.

Going with a lighter bag for beginners and working your way up would be best.

These bags are slightly on the pricey side considering they are sandbags. I listed the pricing, weight and recommendations I came across. Considering the cost, the homemade version might prove to be a better option for you.

Bulgarian Bag Pricing  Size and Recommendations

Extra Large Bag

  • 50 lbs. | No Recommendation | $214.99 + $55 S&H

Large Bag

  • 37 lbs. | Recommended for athletes 210 to 250 lbs | 169.99 + $46 S&H

Medium Bag

  • 26 lbs. | Recommended for athletes 150-190 lbs. | $139.99 + $36 S&H

Small Bag

  • 17 lbs. | Recommended for athletes 100-150 lbs. |  $124.99 + $30 S&H

Extra Training Bag

  • 11 lbs | Recommended for athletes 60-100 lbs | $119.99 + $24 S&H

Homemade Bulgarian Bag

The cost of the homemade bag was in the $20.00 to $25.00 range.

Material Used

  • Tire Inner Tube
  • Sand
  • Tie Wraps
  • Gorilla Tape (HeavyDuty Duck tape)
  • Exacto Knife

I also bought a smaller tractor inner tube for the kids.

Steps of Construction

  1. Cut off a small section of the inner tube, preferably where the stem is located.
  2. Fold and twist one end of inner tube; making sure to leave room for use as a hand grip.
  3. Secure with tie wrap and wrap with duck tape.
  4. Fill inner tube with sand to desired weight.
  5. Fold and twist open end with a tie wrap.
  6. Cut any excess off the end and wrap with duck tape.

Below is a video of me trying the bag out.

Things I’d do different

I think on newer versions of the bag I’ll try a wider inner tube. This will make the bag shorter.

Enjoy your new training and conditioning bag.

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About Tom Harvey

Tom Harvey is an 8th Dan Black Belt, Master Strength Coach, former U.S. Army Paratrooper, Electrical Engineer, writer, father of 3 wonderful kids and life long student of the combative arts.

17 Responses to “HomeMade Equipment | Training and Conditioning | Bulgarian Bag”

  1. Awesome! I'll build one!

  2. Let me know how it goes. Did play around with it and training footwork. I might post a few training routines with ways to use it.

  3. The only thing it is missing are the handles on the top.

  4. I thought about that. However I figured without them it would be better for grip training.

  5. I thought about adding PVC to the end somehow to make holding it a little more difficult just for that reason.

  6. That's a great idea Tom. I like it.

  7. Another quick and easy tool is to fill a fit ball with water. Great for strength training. Does take awhile to fill up though. I keep one in my living room and makes a great chair for the kids. Everyone always ask if I'm concerned it will leak but it hasn't yet and I've had this one for about 3 years now. I simply put the plug in without taping it. Although I do have another fit ball that leaks air so might want to check that first. You can use old kegs and fill them with water and sand, etc. I'll write more stuff up on what I've played with.

  8. Sifu Tom, other than the obvious muscles you’re working with the different exercises, how did that feel for your forearms? I would imagine that would help a good bit for gripping power.

    • It will add to grip strength which is the reason I didn’t add handles like the commercially bought ones.

      I didn’t personally notice any fatigue in my forearms. That is most likely due to the various other training methods I use for training grip.

      I’ve thought about making modification to the design to make gripping it more difficult. Maybe add PVC as handles or something along those lines.

      • ..well – how about the back…especialy the lower part ??…look´s like it could be quit use full..again especialy if it´s made so that it´s possible to change the weight..
        Eany way – it´s a must have equiptment.. like homemade training gear – thumbs up – best of winds.. :-)

  9. Love your tutorial and the simplicity. I will defintely be adding this to my list of DIY’s. Noticing that as I get older and suffer hypothyroid issues, the running that I have done over all the years is not doing a thing for me anymore. Though I continue for cardiac health, I need varieties of ways to citrcuit train, lift, and just build up my metabollic center again! Thanks so much!


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