Tea Time – I See Dumb People!!

Am I doing too much? Is all the effort that goes into deciding which articles to write, how to lay out the website, editing video for the IC area really worth it? Is my community going to appreciate it anyways?

I’m not the only one going through a lot of effort to provide the best they can for their fitness and combat athletes. And I think this is a question that most of us ask ourselves.

There are a percentage of people who just don’t care about all the effort we put into making our training community the best it can possibly be. There are people who won’t even notice or remark on the eighty hours of work we just put into a new feature of our website, lesson plans, training videos or training journals to make what we offer the best it possibly can be. Nor will they care if we are the only ones who are willing to give them something twice as adapted or as personal as anything else they can get. They could care less about supporting you, others and showing appreciation. They are in it for the politics, the status, what they can get for free or [place your reason here]!

Here is the real question we should be asking ourselves.

Continue to create and innovate as hard as you can, striving for excellence because it is one of the rare values which knows no fashion. The people you want will notice your effort. These people are the reason we began to share and help in the first place, so aim high.

Think about the stuff you see and hear in the ‘mass market’ of youtube, magazines, books, etc. When they attempt to cover something you really know well, they often seem pretty stupid, don’t they? Oversimplifying to the point of getting it completely wrong. Why is this? They’re too busy pandering to the masses, dumbing things down for the lowest common denominator or simply do not know what they are talking about.

The thing is, when you dumb stuff down, you know what you get? A dumb uneducated audience and community!

A dumb community doesn’t train as much, they don’t share as much, they don’t blog as much, they don’t research as much and they don’t progress as much. In other words, they’re the worst ones to end up with.

I’ll take the smart free-thinking audience/readers/prospects/community every time, please.

Truth is people follow hype not solid training advice. The top marketers appeal to the masses and often throw their reputation out the window, if they had any to begin with. Top marketers want the bozo’s and know how to get them.

Take your time, build something that is solid and reputable and invest your time it will pay off. Just keep in mind when it does, be true to your community.

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About Tom Harvey

Tom Harvey is an 8th Dan Black Belt, Master Strength Coach, former U.S. Army Paratrooper, Electrical Engineer, writer, father of 3 wonderful kids and life long student of the combative arts.

3 Responses to “Tea Time – I See Dumb People!!”

  1. Katie Shepherd-Adelman Reply 2012/03/06 at 10:54 pm

    Say NO to unappreciative energy vampires!

  2. I agree. It’s one of the reasons I hated working in marketing departments at hi-tech companies. Well no more!

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