Deadlift Training- Katie Shepherd-Adelman

Lately I’ve been having a blast with dead lift training. I guess I’m a weight lifting junky deep down inside. Something about setting every single muscle in my body to one singular task of lifting something much heavier than me is exhilarating. My base weight right now (about 75% of my max) is about 135 pounds, so my max (as of right now) SHOULD be about 166 pounds. However, I have no intention of stopping at 166. My goal is to reach a 200 pound max. That’s almost 70 pounds over my body weight. I know that I don’t HAVE to stretch for 200 pounds…166 pounds is perfectly acceptable I guess, but I think that’d be too easy. When setting a goal, I’ve never been one to draw a crystal clear picture of my goal. I’ll mark a spot on the horizon as my “goal”, but aspire to push myself well beyond that. I think 70 pounds will do well to surpass my mark on the horizon. I’ve already noticed marked improvement to my explosiveness during standup sessions and more strength in my groundfighting as well. I’m exciting to see where this goal takes me and my training.

Me, deadlifting my base weight of 135 pounds with chains added to the sides

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2 Responses to “Deadlift Training- Katie Shepherd-Adelman”

  1. Great job Katie, you have been working hard! It’s great to hear that you are seeing the gains translate to your combative studies. I have definitely noticed..

  2. Katie Shepherd-Adelman Reply 2012/03/23 at 1:06 pm

    Thank you Sifu. I really enjoy the strength building aspect of our training. It just makes everything I’m trying to learn easier because my body is more conditioned for the fast and explosive movements we’re covering.

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