Right is right, Wrong is wrong

Drawing of a Simple Warrior I did awhile back 

(based on another drawing I saw once)

“Keep your distance from unvirtuous people.” ~ Rōshi Takuan Soho (1573-1645) student of Sensei Shun-oku Soen and disciplined in Rinzai Zen Buddhism. 

An individual who has true character knows the difference between right and wrong. Having character means if something is right then act on it even if nobody else agrees. If something is wrong then refrain from doing it and stand against it regardless of what others do or say. 

It is quite often in our society that people will manipulate the truth, give what seems as logical alternative views i.e. debate or they will flat out argue a point claiming your view is wrong. This is often done with a strong emotional context. It takes a lot of courage to stand your ground against the majority. But if you have a warrior’s character this is exactly what you must do. We shouldn’t debate over our morals nor should we give ground to the majority just because they are the majority. 

News flash: the majority is often wrong and just because someone is emotionally charged on a topic doesn’t make them right. 

We have gotten to a point where the moral compass of society has become disoriented. Where drama is the norm and selective facts are to be expected. The line between right and wrong has become blurred and dishonest behavior is no longer considered dishonest behavior, it’s normal practice.

Being a simple warrior means we must be clear about our own path. We have to know what it is we believe and why it is we believe it. We must be able to recognize what is right and what is wrong because sometimes the difference is subtle.

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About Tom Harvey

Tom Harvey is an 8th Dan Black Belt, Master Strength Coach, former U.S. Army Paratrooper, Electrical Engineer, writer, father of 3 wonderful kids and life long student of the combative arts.

2 Responses to “Right is right, Wrong is wrong”

  1. This is just another symptom of today’s society. Most people are focused on the outcome not the methods used to achieve that outcome. We should focus more on ourselves/our actions and let the outcome take care of itself.

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